Several years ago as part of a promotion, I was recruited to oversee a start up organization within a newly realigned department. I had to build this organization, its structure and framework from scratch.  Hard work for sure but I was


It's Different for a Woman - Part 2 Show Up, Be Noticed, Be Heard! (09/17/2019)

 Last April - before I left for the summer - I wrote about differentiating feminine leadership from the normative (male) leadership model;  a leader's world which has been defined by and used for the benefit of men. How do we effect shift in a system which grows how leaders are perceived and highlights feminine leadership strengths?

Feminine leadership requires that we leverage our emotions (using Emotional Intelligence as the structure) and our natural inclination to insist on quality and continuous improvement to the status quo. Feminine Leadership blends vision and quality assurance, i.e.,  marry the "bright idea" with the "how to" and with a commitment to life cycle management our leadership benefits are clearly demonstrated.  
Using EI to structure the emotional component of leadership style, coupled with a structured communication plan will provide for a favorable outcome and a change in perception.  Here's how:
  • Prepare your message by starting with the facts.  Like a research paper, the facts are presented and discussion will follow.
  • Manage the agenda.  Whether you are invited to the meeting /thought session or leading it, structure is your friend - get on the agenda!
  • Research the attendees of any conference, meeting or thought session.  If you understand them and their responsibilities it will be easier to achieve buy-in and draw attention to your ideas and your leadership persona.
  • Contribute to the meeting.  Ask questions, make salient comments and ensure that your participation is noticed and valued.  
  • Take ownership of action items.  Focus on items that will leverage and display your abilities while making a solid contribution to an effort.
The blending of "here's what needs to get done" and "here's how to do it right" is an excellent way to highlight our feminine strengths and move the leadership paradigm to a more relevant, androgynous and effective model.  Structuring the emotional and practical will underpin your presentations and leadership style.
I work with leaders to help them showcase their strengths and maximize their contribution and engagement in business goals.  Contact Beth for more information.
I'm pleased to be back at the real leadership desk although we still have a couple of weeks out at the beach.  I love the fall and look forward the beauty of the season.  Talk to you next month!


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