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Make it Real - Transform Thoughts to Action (09/14/2021)

 Wisdom from my Facebook News Feed yesterday: " I've learned two important lessons in life.  I can't recall the first one, but the second one is that I need to start writing stuff down."  Very, very true.

We are bombarded on a daily basis with a tremendous amount of information.  And, this information often prompts new thinking, generates ideas and even reminds us that there are tasks that need to get done.  Recording thoughts and actions make them real and ensure that they do not get lost.  I keep a notebook available to use as both a learning journal (a record of things I learn from my daily reading), and to create lists of things I need to do to leverage this learning.  I record the actions and ideas that come to mind during the course of the day linking them to business and personal objectives.  This starts my process of reviewing my record and then winnowing it down into manageable bites of information that can be digested and transformed into scheduled actions.  I ask myself what I can do now and then do it.  This keeps the size of my record manageable and effectively transforms thoughts into action with the goal of making those actions a part of my reality.  It's also helpful to take stock at the end of the day in terms of what has been accomplished and where there might have been missed opportunities.
Workplace change generally means more work.  Whether work takes place remotely, point of service or in-office, people spend more time handling workload.  It makes sense to manage your work better by organizing around what needs to get done, then, regularly adjusting tasks as conditions change.  Enrich your record with new ideas, learnings and those everyday flashes of brilliance!
Here's the takeaway:  Be mindful and keep things real by doing a few simple things:
  • Record/Write down your ideas, actions and things to do
  • Prioritize those ideas and actions ensuring that you set expectation in terms of detailing time frames and measurable actions
  • Ensure that actions are attainable and that responsibility is understood and accepted, and 
  • Reduce the stress factor by designing intermediate actions and quick wins.
Business coaching is a great way to enable clearer and richer thinking about what comes next.  Part of the coaching experience is to create a space where the coach and the person working with the coach - you - make things happen through creating awareness and designing actions.  Contact Beth for more information.
I love the change that autumn brings.  The weather is still beautiful so enjoy today and what comes next.  As always, stay safe and healthy! Talk to you next month!


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