When my mother died 9 years ago, it fell to me to do her Eulogy.  I spoke about her and her love and devotion to our family as well as her career.  My mother did well: she was promoted to management in spite of the fact that she wa


Hello World! (09/01/2009)


This is Beth and this is my first of what I hope will be many entries on the Real Leadership Associates (RLA) BLOG.   I am the founder and principal of Real Leadership Associates, LLC and my goal is to tell stories, share experiences and provide commentary on issues that impact executives, managers, teams and associates in business. 

RLA offers mentoring, business coaching and change management services. Take a look at my services and programs section on the web site to get an idea of what I do. Additionally, feel free to use the contact function to get in touch, to comment or to ask questions as you see fit. 

As you navigate through my site, you’ll notice the absence of a FAQ section. That’s intentional. I wanted to build a relevant, real time inventory of questions and answers prompted by your inquiries and input. So…stay tuned. I expect that ongoing conversations will be established and that useful and interesting information will be shared. And, really - that’s the whole point - to facilitate clearer thinking through raising awareness and sharing insights and information helpful to those of us navigating through the business world in turbulent times.
So remember to check in on a monthly basis for new blog posts and use our contact tab to reach out with questions, comments or to find out more about what Real Leadership Associates has to offer.  
If you would like to hear more about RLA, what we do and how we can help you maximize your opportunities for success,  Contact Beth!   I'll look forward to hearing from you.


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