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Welcome to our services and programs section.


Real Leadership Associates Mentoring Program provides a form of business networking whereby an experienced and accomplished professional serves as an advisor and resource to a client who may need to tap into the depth and breadth of the mentor’s experience and knowledge to develop growth strategy, management skills or to provide general tactical support on a day to day basis.

We will share our experiences and ongoing learning with you to ensure that you are well equipped to meet the challenges of this new business environment where learning and efficiencies are blended for superior performance. We partner with you to give you an extra set of hands in the real world where crisis management often trumps continuous learning and immediate feedback.

Mentoring Offers

Based on your requirements and preferences, mentoring can be structured to your best advantage, e.g., one on one relationships or a mentoring circle can be created with your direct and / or indirect teams.

1. One on One and Team Mentoring:

  • Provides feedback on ideas, strategy and tactics
  • Offers advice from experienced managers and executives based on skills, values and work history
  • Blends coaching for performance and mentoring to provide real time support as needed
  • Shares current business thinking based on available research and resources
  • Test-drives strategies, tactical plans and presentations
  • Conducts role play
  • Uses story telling, to create awareness and encourage a solution orientation

2. Mentoring for Operational Support

  • Provides Desk-Side assistance with prioritization and decision making
  • Offers immediate feedback on day to day operational issues
  • Asks questions and anticipates issues to remove roadblocks to success
  • Suggests, with permission and based on real world experiences, different ways to approach problem solving, address concerns and express ideas
  • Raises awareness of strengths and areas for development and facilitates the development of action plans

3. Adjutant Services

  • Serves as ad hoc “staff” for managers and executives favoring lean staffing models
  • Transforms organizational goals to departmental and individual objectives
  • Assist in objective setting and monitoring
  • Provides all levels of executive support

These offers can be blended or uniquely created to meet your special requirements. We support your day to day tactical plans and operational activities so that you can be a force for positive change. Our goal is to provide a foundation for your success.

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