When my mother died 9 years ago, it fell to me to do her Eulogy.  I spoke about her and her love and devotion to our family as well as her career.  My mother did well: she was promoted to management in spite of the fact that she wa



“Working with Beth has been a personal pleasure as well as a professional one. Our sessions together have felt like time spent with a friend, yet they've produced tangible results. Beth helped me focus on setting and attaining career goals; my managerial skills are at a higher level and I am better prepared to take advantage of all opportunities that come my way.”

Donna C., Senior Court Analyst, Deputy Commissioner of Jurors

“Several years ago I was eager to be promoted. I was experienced but certainly didn't know what it took to work in upper management. I reached out to Beth and it was the best thing I did. Beth understood how I felt. When talking with Beth I felt I could say anything that was on my mind. Beth was able to calm my fears, and offer me advice that came from real life experience - she has been there. She knows what it takes to make it in corporate America today. Beth was a great mentor. She helped me get the right interviews, wrote letters of recommendations when the time was right and made sure that when I walked into that interview I was ready. Beth took the time to help me through tough projects; offered me advice on presenting and helped me understand corporate politics. When I actually did get promoted Beth was there again. She helped me through those first few rough months when a new position is the most daunting. She ensured I didn't make any rookie mistakes. I highly recommend Beth as a mentor, coach and professional developer. Beth just gets it!”

Maureen K., Telecom Director

“When changing careers after several years, I wanted to make sure that my resume and networking skills were top notch. After working with Beth, my resume reflects the best of my experiences and highlights my key results and major accomplishments. Additionally, we worked together to design a networking plan that has been effective and accommodates new contacts and actions as required. I highly recommend Real Leadership Associates to anyone changing careers or working through a business transition.”

Mary H., Insurance Underwriter

“Ms. Cantwell’s approach to coaching is calming, positive and well-organized. After working with Beth I felt relaxed, motivated and focused enabling me to move to a different, more creative path. Her excellent communications and listening skills helped me to realize that I could commit to actions around what was truly my passion. Coaching with Beth was excellent and extremely motivating.”

Lorraine E., Artist

“The economic situation has limited opportunities for growth and advancement at my firm. This has drastically changed the pace at which work is accomplished and I needed to renew my sense of urgency, focus on my marketable skills and rediscover my career preferences so that I would continue to be competitive and challenged. I decided to work with Beth to define my desired career path, identify the skills needed to pursue that path and create resumes that would showcase my contributions. After coaching sessions with Beth I accomplished just that: I have defined my career path, have a viable action plan to get there and up to date resumes that highlight skills that I have acquired through my 30 years within this industry using contemporary and compelling language and styling. Beth’s unique way of working with me allowed for self discovery which has resulted in a refreshed leadership style that has put me on a rapid path to results. Seeking coaching and working with Beth was the best career move I could have ever made.”

Debbie S., Training and Development Manager

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